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Our Story

The Story Behind Lil’Ville


Notwithstanding all of the improvements and progresses made, it is no secret that the world we live in today, is not the one we grew up in. While one might say life has become less strenuous, with everything we need at o ur fingertips, we wanted to do things a bit differently at Lil’Ville and decided to pause, take a step back and go back to our roots. We’re stripping down technology from day to day activities and focusing on guiding children through their early development stages focusing more on character formation and interpersonal skills.

Delivering Quality


Everyone’s priority at Lil’Ville is centred around creating a nurturing and soothing environment for your child, treating them with the same importance, affection and care that you, as their parents, would. We want to make sure that we’re guaranteeing your peace of mind when you drop off your children at Lil’Ville., which is why our fully qualified team of child carers, will all be easily contactable, so you’re free to check up on your child at any time

We also recognise and value the importance that you as a parent need to follow closely your child’s progress, especially when you’re not around, which is why we’ve created the Lil’Ville Journal. This personalised communication report will be sent every month, detailing all the updates and progress your child would have made in the past weeks, so you’re never missing out even on the smallest achievements! .

We want children to be stimulated by the environment they’re in

This will be done by enticing them to explore and respond to new sensory triggers, whether they’re textures, actions, shapes and many more. That is why we’ve built our child care centre to resemble a village, with all the different points of interest you would normally find in your usual small town – just on a smaller scale! From an art gallery, to a theatre, restaurant and post office, we’re created a new exciting environment for children to develop their early skills and have tons of fun doing it!

We want to nurture these early stages of a child’s development carefully, and that is why Lil’Ville was founded as a technology free child care centre. Our focus at the school is to accompany our children in developing their personal, social and emotional intelligence without the aid, need or dependency on any technology.

Be School Ready

We know that the introduction of your children to school may be daunting, and that is why here at Lil’Ville we work hard to ensure each and every little villager gets a head start compared to other children by ensuring they reach important developmental milestones that help them approach school with confidence. To make sure all our children are not only building strong personal characters, but more importantly are reaching their full potential, we focus on the following:

  • Soft Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Introduction to Literacy Skills
  • Communication development
  • Expressiveness, Inclusion and Participation
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Development of Adaptive skills
  • Creativity through Arts & Music
  • World understanding

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