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Ages & Stages

0 – 12 Months

Infancy is our child’s introduction to the world and that’s why at Lil’Ville we provide specialised services for babies of up to 12 months. Our carers understand that each infant is unique and are fully trained to cater for each child’s personal development in a sensitive and nurturing manner. Our carers will learn your babies’ routine and see it through so that the school will act as not only as a supporting pillar to the parents, but also as a continuation of their care while they’re away.

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1 – 3 Years

During these years, besides the more evident physical development, children build the foundations to their social, emotional, cognitive, and communicative skills. During this period, children are very receptive to their environmental stimuli and their level of understanding and skill set can change or increase on a day-to-day basis. The layout of the school was purposely designed to stimulate, introduce and teach children using multiple surroundings and situations and play.

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